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I’d like to thank both Maddie Ziegler and Kendall Vertes for their stunning interpretations of my song in the Dance Moms competitions. I remember crying at the piano while I wrote “Fool Me Once”, and it’s still incredibly personal to me 8 years later. Watching them both connect to the music so beautifully brings back all of those emotions. I cried all over again, but they were definitely tears of joy and awe this time around!

So what is the Godwin Anthology? Some pretty amazing people have left lasting impressions on me, and I want to let them know that I love each of them through original art and music. I believe that all types of art have the potential to support and lift each other up if they have a common goal. I will be releasing new chapters on the first tuesday of every month. Each chapter will have a song, video, painting, story/monologue, baked good (because I like to bake for people), sheet music, and a dedicated service performance. 12 people, 12 songs, 12 months. To find out more about chapter 2, “Bleed”, click on the “Bleed” link at the top of the page.¬†Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a note in the contact box!