Thanks for stopping by! So what is the Godwin Anthology? Some pretty amazing people have left lasting impressions on me, and I want to let them know that I love each of them through original art and music. I believe that all types of art have the potential to support and lift each other up if they have a common goal. The Finding Joy story talks about how it all began.

I will be releasing new chapters each month. Every chapter will have a song, video, painting, story/monologue, baked good (because I like to bake for people), sheet music, and a dedicated service performance. 12 people, 12 songs, 12 months. My favorite part of this project? I need your help to finish every chapter. Check out the challenges at the bottom of each page. Shoot me a message if you have any questions. Happy creating!

A few people have been asking about the single camera angle in the homegrown videos. Yep! It’s on purpose! When the entire Anthology is complete (Fall 2015), I hope to develop the stories, songs, and stage directions into a live theater/music hybrid show. With each video, I strive to create imagery and movement that I will eventually be able to replicate on stage with the right team. The next year is going to be a fun challenge for me!

Sending so much love,


P.S. Looking for sheet music to Fool Me Once, Wallflower, Finding Joy, Bleed, or Home? It is now available on below! I also have 4 eps and 8 singles out on iTunes. Thanks for the support!

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