Welcome to the Godwin Anthology! It’s a book! Each themed chapter is dedicated to an important person in my life. 12 months. 12 songs. 12 people. Within a chapter, I write/produce a song, design/shoot a video, write a monologue, create a visual art piece, bake a dessert, and do a dedicated service project.

There are some wonderful special guest performers/songwriters, but for the most part, this entire project is done solo. (Fool Me Once, shot by Director Brazil and choreographed by Kyle Hanagami, is the obvious exception!)It was a big leap for me – up until last year, I thought I couldn’t produce music, shoot videos, create imagery, put on my own makeup, or style myself without having to pay other people. I didn’t consider myself to be a visual person at ALL. The last time I had picked up a paintbrush was probably in the early 90s. My baking skills pretty much stopped at Break and Bake cookies. It’s amazing what happens when you stop telling yourself that you “can’t” and start exploring the alternative.

Finding Joy, Bleed, Geppetto, and Something Else were all shot in my bedroom. Home and Wallflower were shot in my hallway. After filming Bleed, I coughed up purple paint for a week. I used foam board, wallpaper, and $200 worth of fake flowers from Michaels for Wallflower. I stenciled my entire bedroom wall for Something Else. I don’t want to tell you how long Geppetto took. During the shooting of each video, I ugly cried out of frustration (because inanimate objects were not doing what I wanted them to do) at least once!

Between you and me, I hope to turn this book into a play someday…

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